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Let's Face it.... you don’t have the time you want to dedicate to your dogs’ training, or you're ready to get started and want to be part of every milestone in your dogs’ training.  Either way....we have a program for you!

We know your dog is a family member!

Our goal is to help you to achieve a happy dog that

wherever you go, can be a part of your everyday life!

Leave it to us!

The best part? Along with 2 different programs, we offer free demonstrations for you to come out with your dog and see first-hand what you can expect from us!

 What drives your dog?

Every Dog has a unique personality. We use individual triggers as a reward

and a distraction to bring out the best in your pet! Teaching obedience, 

and giving lots of love. Let us help you help your dog!

Board & Train

Our Board & Train program runs for 2 straight weeks.

Let us do the work for you! We offer a “real life distractions” based program with a very flexible schedule.  Your dog moves into our house with us and our 3 dogs, and becomes a part of our family!

Along with love, we introduce obedience commands through playing games and focused lessons throughout the day. Teaching your dog to maintain commands until released will build a whole new trust for your relationship and maintains authority. The best way to build that loving relationship with your pet is when you can both understand each other.

After the 2 weeks of training, we will hold a private lesson with you and your dog so you can learn all of the new things your dog knows, along with a follow up lesson.  We offer free advice and we always love updates to hear how you and your canine are doing.

Private Lessons

We also offer on-site private lessons with owners.

Let us get to know you and your dog. We can help you build that relationship you have been longing for with your pet through obedience and training.

We offer 5 private lessons, once per week. This requires dedication through both on site lessons and at home. We create the guidelines and the distractions, and you take control, with guidance on how to enforce and maintain commands.

Group Polishing Class

All of our clients are invited to attend a Polishing Class which is held once a month.  This class is a great opportunity for you to practice your handling skills, as well as a chance to continue to socialize your dog.  We love having this class as a way to stay connected with everyone.  

Puppy Preschool

Got a new puppy? Need some help with your new family member? Train Rex is now offering puppy preschool classes.

This is a group class that is available for puppies between 7-16 weeks of age, which will run for 4 weeks.

In class we will discuss:

1. Potty training your puppy.
2. Interrupting puppy play biting.
3. Crate training.
4. Creating positive experiences with people & objects.
5. Handling skills for both grooming & vet visits.
6. Helping your puppy to learn to walk on leash.
7. Socialization & more.

Must be registered in advance. Payment due upon registration. Age appropriate vaccinations required.

Limited number of spots available.

Your dog has so much potential, so much love and companionship to offer.                                                       Let us help get you there!

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