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Huge thank you !!!! I cannot say enough as to the success of my " doggie makeover " I had a dog who loved life, loved playing, loved jumping, and loved not listening - today he is a new member of our family - still loves to play but does so with so much more respect- the jumping is now completely under control and he listens better than my 12 year old - I am more than impressed with what has been accomplished. The proof is sitting on my deck looking up at me with bright white eyes - thank you guys you are amazing - Can't wait until next week to see our progress !!! ~ Carrie Lisowec-Caouette  

Diana & Joel,


I would like to express how happy I am with the results I received when taking my dog Gypsy, to Train Rex. Being only 18 months old, Gypsy has lots of energy and a mind of her own. She needed obedience training badly. I opted for the 2 week training package and could not be happier with the results. She now is obedient, calmer. I now enjoy her company immensely and she is very sociable with other dogs and humans. If I didn't know better I'd say they replaced her with a different dog. ~ Darcy Major 

I spent so much time trying to train Pepper and Ginger and getting nowhere that I wanted to cry. I was told that’s why people give away there puppies in the first two years is because of frustration. So I decided I needed help.


Because Pepper and Ginger were so young they were very unruly and they fed off of each other’s excitement making it virtually impossible to train them. I would just get started with one and the other would intervene and they were off doing their own thing NOT listening. Pepper would bark at anyone passing us on our walks or other dogs not to mention at the neighbors. When we went on a walk it was like I was being pulled by a two pup sled dog racing team. Now walking so much better and we all enjoy it.


In the short time that Train Rex had worked with Pepper and Ginger, they have gained confidence, learned to focus on the task at hand and the training has actually calmed them down. They responded so well to the training that now it’s great to sit back and watch them think. They actually look forward to the time we spend training and learning new things. It’s like they actually come over and look at us saying: ok what do we get to learn now! We feel we have a better understanding of a dog's mind and how a dog learns.


"Having a dog happily perform the things you ask of it is so much better than having a dog going through the motions or not doing anything you ask.


I want to thank Train Rex for giving us a great start.


"Awesome.....awesome. Dog Training! Pepper and Ginger are now 9 months old and the best behaved dogs we have ever had. Everyone loves them and would like to kidnap them because they are so well behaved. Not going to happen ever!! ~ Elsie and James Pahl 

Cinnamon was brought to Train Rex as a disobedient, A.D.D stricken, nervous wreck of a dog. After two short weeks she listens to multiple commands, no longer has "accidents" in the house and has completely mellowed out. She is a pleasure to go on walks with now as she no longer rips the leash out of both ours or our children's hands. We are so incredibly happy with the progress she made during her short time at Train Rex. She is such a sweet dog to be around now. Our only wish is we had sent Cinnamon for training earlier!!!


Thank you Joel & Diana we truly appreciate all that you have done for our Cinnamon, we are able to enjoy her now more than ever! ~ Lyle & Rachelle Houle 

WOW.... We have got a great second chance with our girl! It has only been one day since we had her back and the panic attacks can be controlled and she comes out of them in minutes... Not HOURS! I was your biggest skeptic but not now. Nothing could get her out of her panics but she totally understands this language. You will be hearing many more of our amazing accomplishments!  Thank you both for your determination and passion. And of course your "gentle" push to make me do this!  ~ Laurie Watt 

More successes every day! Can get her attention for everything with this e-collar! I have complete confidence in the training. You guys worked with a breed that is known to be difficult and especially mine with severe panic issues and after 10 years you changed her mindset in 2 weeks!

I have one thing to correct you on though... You said this collar is not a "magic wand" - for me and my situation - it is!!!!!!!!

My only regret is that I didn't know you sooner to get this help.

Please post this cause I want to give people hope that they can help their dog's issues even after many years!!

Thank you times a million! ~ Laurie and her new companion - Shian

Nina the Terrorist Terrier

A little over a year ago my fiancé and I were looking to add a new dog to our family as our chihuahua “Cherry" was seemingly lonely while we were gone at work. Being that “cherry” had been my dog for 6 years, I considered myself a seasoned dog owner so I decided to let my fiancé pick the dog of his choice. I wanted him to experience the joy of owning a dog, boy did I have NO idea what was in store for us! The dog of his choice ended up being a 8 week old Boston Terrier which we decided to name “Nina” we were patient and doting on the new addition to our family however we could not have imagined how much energy and spunk she truly had. One year later Nina was no longer that tiny puppy who was quiet and calm, she had turned into a full blown Tasmanian Devil. When I say “Tasmanian Devil” I mean she would bolt around my home, get into the garbage, jump up on the couches and people; eat cherry’s food, chase cherry until she would beg for me to pick her up just to get away. As well she chewed a variety of things in my home such as: 2 pairs of shoes, the corner of our kitchen table, various toys and even her own bed! Nina would also use the bathroom freely anywhere in my home and no matter what we tried we could not get her to calm down! We tried 2 walks per day, we tried kennel training, we even tried putting a "thunder shirt" on her, However nothing seemed to work. Needless to say she earned the name “taz” short for “Tasmanian Devil and Terrorist Terrier due to her wild antics. I was truly at my wits end as nothing we tried seemed to help her she just would not calm down enough for us to teach her any “manners”. I basically was ready to throw in the towel at this time because she was becoming unbearable to live with. Then one day while browsing through Kijiji i came across an ad for Train-Rex I was intrigued by their 2 week one on one training program. I immediately called and spoke with Joel, right away I got a really good feeling as he really seemed to really understand my concerns and quickly made me feel at ease, at that point I had already made up my mind that this was going to be it, either she was going away for an intensive 2 weeks of one on one training or we were going to give her away. As you can imagine my fiancé was completely against giving her away so he agreed to pay for her training with the understanding that if it did not work we would give her away. When Joel and Diana came to our place for our consultation and gave us a demonstration as to how everything would work with the e-collar training we felt as though we had made the right decision. They were at no time pushy, they fully explained everything to us and we could tell they loved animals just as much as we did so we signed on for the 2 weeks immediately. While Nina was gone we got constant updates on how she was doing and go to see photos and videos of her training which was really great because we did miss her :).


When Nina returned the difference was night and day!! we were completely ecstatic about the results, Nina is now a model member of our family she knows a ton of commands, has calmed down a ton because her mind is constantly being challenged with all the commands, as well she now gets along with Cherry and is FINALLY potty trained. I cannot even begin to explain how happy we are with Nina now this experience has truly been life changing we can now include her in all of our activities without having a worry in the world. Nina has come such a long way and we feel so happy that we decided to go with TRAIN REX we will forever be thankful for what they have taught Nina and also giving us back our sanity.


Thank you Joel and Diana!


with love,
~ Alexandra, Joshua, Cherry and Nina 


Bruce came to Train Rex for the two week board and train program as a fearful/aggressive dog who lacked confidence. It was extremely difficult to bring him places, I had no control an no idea what to do. 

When I came to get Bruce I experienced him in a completely different way, he was happy to be in crowd of people, things didn't distract him. Now I have a dog I can take everywhere with me and that I LOVE to walk. 

Thank you so much Diana and Joel, now that Bruce and I have this training I can give him the best doggie life ever! ~ Justine Bouchard 

I am so glad that my friend gave me a referral to Train Rex.


I just want to let other people know that if they own a beagle, they can definitely be trained using your methods.  Baxter was seven months old when we first came to you and I was afraid that I would have to find a new home for him. Going, or rather trying to go for a walk had become a dreaded thing.  He would race to the end of his leash and turn a summersault or pull for all he was worth standing on his back legs the whole walk.  He wouldn’t come when called and there was no way he would pay any attention to me outside.  Now he is a completely different dog.  Going for a walk is fun.  I have a fenced acreage and I can have him off leash and call him and he will come right away.  Of course he knows his basic commands and is improving

all the time.  I can take him to my daughters house where there are two cats and he leaves them alone.

I even called him off a squirrel the other day, one of his favorite things to chase.


I cannot tell you how pleased I am with him. I can take him visiting and everyone loves him;

Thank you so much. ~ Georgina Barath 

Many thanks to Joel and Diana for helping us train our dogs using the e-collar! Their service is holistic, however, and they helped us globally, from integrating a new puppy into our home to working through specific fears our puppy had. They are generous with their time and attention, and never leave you feeling confused. And training sessions are always fun, even when you think they might be's extremely rewarding to always walk away having made huge gains (owner and dog). 

Joel had helped us to feel confident that our dog and puppy were getting along okay when we first brought the pup home. He was so responsive during a time of need! But he was never pushy, only helpful without expectation. So we continued with them to train both our Labrador Retrievers, young and old. We have a pretty solid training regime at our house to start with, and high expectations of good behaviour, but had consistently struggled with particular areas (e.g., heel) in the past. This training was the key!!!

Fox, the lab puppy, responded to training perfectly. He was just coming into a stage of exuberance that was not particularly fun when we commenced training. He loved it, continues to love it, and has been absolutely amazing ever
since. He runs to get his collar on every morning because he knows many good things happen when it is on! He stays in the yard, even when his favourite neighbour dog runs home or when exciting things are happening next door. I am able to call him off animals and people, even at high excitement levels. He has a beautiful heel, in all environments. These are just a few of the things that we appreciate most. It is not perfect all the time (pretty darn close though), but he is only 10 months and still learning (as are we). But really, who can say their 10 month old Lab puppy is extremely obedient, respectful, and a complete joy to own? Not many. But we can!!!!! Thanks to diligence, and the support of Joel and Diana! It is also very important to us that they helped with areas of our choice, and went above and beyond to ensure our needs were met (an hour of stairs with a very anxious, jerking and squealing puppy until he was calm).

The older lab, Bodhi, was near perfect, but he had a habit or two (e.g., choosy recall, poor heel) that made us crazy and that we'd done every kind of training out there to fix and no training/trainer managed to help. Well, we don't deal with that anymore! The collar was just the little attention getter and holder we needed. Now we have a perfect older lab! :)

We love our dogs, they are our children. Their happiness is priority number one. And this style of training has ensured that our whole family is happier than ever and that our dogs have maximum freedom but remain under control. Even when someone else cares for them, and no e-collars are worn, the caregivers comment on how obedient our dogs are! 

Train Rex = Great tool (e-collar)! Caring, invested trainers! Fun for everyone! SUCCESS! 

Aimee, Ian, Bodhi, and Fox 

We are unbelievably happy with the results and experience of the training. After our first lesson it was evident that it clearly changed something in him. Joel and Diana and all the dogs were so fun to work with and were loaded with great tips and advice.


Everyday life is so much easier now knowing our dog will always (mostly) listen. Our issues with people are greatly improving even though we did not specifically work on it.


We constantly get compliments on how good our dog is and how well he listens. It literally feels like we have a different dog and it has only been one week since our last lesson.


Overall I definitely recommend training with Train Rex, you will not be disappointed! Thank you so much Joel and Diana!!  ~ Aaron, Joly, Ryder and Kaia 


I'd really like to give a big thanks to Diana and Joel for helping me with training my big husky/malamute, Deimos. He needed some basic training since he is really young but I also noticed that he was showing some aggression towards other dogs, I was afraid to let him off the leash due to that fact. But after doing the training at Train Rex, not only did Diana and Joel help me with the basics, but they also taught me to have more faith in him and trust him enough to let him off the leash. Sure enough we all went to the dog park and let him go and he was completely fine, listened so well and showed no aggression. Thank you so much for all the great help, I feel that now I have the most obedient dog. ~ Nancy Wasikowski


Took this guy on a winter walk today off leash! I never would have thought Murphy would be able to walk off leash safely here (too many smells, sounds and exciting things!). Thankfully Train Rex has trained Murphy (and ME) well enough to be able to enjoy these moments with my pup. We truly have a different dog after taking lessons. We can't thank you enough ~ Renee & Andrew


(Photo submitted by Renee.)

Joel and Diana have changed our lives with their training. When we first adopted Argo, he was more than afraid of people, was scared of leashes, and would hide away from the world. Train Rex was able to help Argo overcome his fears starting from the first meet and greet, which was more like hide and seek. What seemed like a hopeless and difficult situation was turned into an exciting journey because Train Rex not only helped Argo but cared, and the progress being made was extraordinary. Their compassion for Argo and love for dogs helped make everything possible, and Argo has now come a long way. Making eye contact and petting him is now second nature, walking him on a leash is exciting for him now, and he loves learning new tricks and commands. What Joel and Diana do is amazing and we are so grateful, as we wouldn't be where we are today without them. Thank you Train Rex! ~ Christina & Jeff

We really enjoyed our time with Train Rex. Joel and Diana are very accommodating and fun to work with. Hero is a large dog with lots of excitement and we used to struggle to control that. After working with Train Rex, we no longer have any worries with off leash walks or having company over and we now enjoy a calmer and much more obedient dog. Thanks again for everything! ~ Aaron & Alanna Parsons

We have a 8 month old pure bred Rotti named Mia.  Our late rotti passed away 9 months ago and we had her for almost 8 years.  When we got Mia, we were so confident that we could train our dog ourselves.  We trained her how to use the basic commands such as sit, stay, lay down but there were many other commands that were challenging.  We decided to look for a dog trainer but not a typical 6 weeks training, once a week teaching our dog the basic commands.  We wanted personalized training that was tailored made to the needs of our dog.

And that is when we found TRAIN REX!  Joel and Dianna are a power couple. We were immediately welcomed into their home.  They explained their training style to us and we were so excited to get started.  After the 1st class, it was INSTANT RESULTS!  We kept practicing and practicing and had so much fun training our dog MIA.  Every week, our dog became more and more obedient and we started to enjoy her more and more.  We always looked forward to seeing Joel and Dianna.  They made our training classes so fun. One class, we ended up staying there for 4 hours!  They are so highly knowledgeable and have huge hearts. We are happy to know that they will be there for us whenever we need and that we have built a lifelong relationship with them.  

We would highly recommend TRAIN REX for any of your dog training needs. ~ Gary & Dee

Wow!! What a big improvement we noticed in our dog after taking her to Train-Rex! Our dog Ellie is sweet, kind, and would never hurt a fly. The issues that we struggled with is controlling her excitement when around people. As we are often around lots of family and friends, we struggled with the fact that the best decision was to leave Ellie at home. Train-Rex did such a phenomenal job with teaching her the commands of sit, down, place, wait, and break! We are now able to bring Ellie wherever we go and know that she will listen when given a command. She still hasn’t got rid of her excitement, but she is able to control herself when wearing the e-collar. My wife and I have been hesitant from day 1 in bringing her to an off-leash dog park, and now we don’t worry one bit! We would HIGHLY Train-Rex to anyone who has issues with their dogs, especially if they have ‘selective hearing’ and only listen at certain times. The trainers are so kind and caring towards animals which made the whole two weeks that much more comfortable as we were hesitant in leaving our dog in the care of someone new. Our only regret is that we waited till she was a year and a half and wish we would have gone sooner! 

Thanks!!!! ~ Mark & Chantelle

"Well, day one with Walter back at home has been nothing less than incredible! Here he is practicing place at the off-leash park on our 1.5hr walk today!! I still can’t believe this is even possible for us...Zac and I are so impressed and incredibly grateful for Train Rex! They took our pup, with all of his nervous behaviour and feisty personality, and taught him how to stay calm and express himself in a much more fun and easy-going way! Then they took these two owners, who couldn’t for the life of them figure out what they were doing wrong, and taught us how to better understand our dog and what exactly he has needed from us all along! Not only did Walter come home with incredible new manners but he came home a happier dog all around! We cannot thank Diana and Joel enough for all that they have done to spoil and teach his amazing dog named Walter!" 

“How was your dog before training: Before training our dog Walter really struggled to listen in the best of times (around the house in a familiar calm environment) and failed to listen at all in the worst of times (highly stimulating places like the dog park were absolute nightmares). He would lash out at our other dog on a regular basis simply because he didn't know how to express himself and we as owners didn't know what he needed or what was causing these outbursts. 

 How is your dog now: Now Walter is a calm dog that is much happier and loves to listen, he loves the structure that Train Rex has given us and we have seen him thrive since coming home with these new rules! 

How you and your dogs lives may have improved: Our lives have improved in so many ways, we now understand what Walter needs to thrive and the best way to approach stressful situations that used to cause aggressive outbursts. There is no more chasing after Walt because he has taken something he's not supposed to have. or having to constantly put him back on his leash at the dog park because he just won't listen. For the first time ever I was able to take both of our dogs to the dog park by myself and we had the BEST time! We have even noticed that Walt's new calm confidence has helped our other dog gain that same type of calm confidence and we couldn't be happier!

Why did you choose us: We heard about Train Rex from family and after lots of research and reading numerous reviews we decided to go with Train Rex. Hind sight being 20/20 we should have booked with them way sooner!

Are there any other benefits you have received from your training: It has been incredibly helpful knowing that Joel and Diana are just a text or phone call away! On our first day home we ran into some issues with Walter becoming possessive over toys, an old behavior we knew all to well, however we were unsure how to go about dealing with this in the best way possible so I text Joel and within minutes I was on the phone with Joel and Diana troubleshooting and getting all the answers we needed. Later that day we were able to take out the same toys without any possessive/aggressive behavior and had lots of fun doing so! This is all because the training and learning for both the dog and the owner doesn't stop when you take your dog home, it's an ongoing process and Diana and Joel are committed to helping you all along the way!” ~ Taylor & Zac

King was a wild little rescue puppy who needed to learn basics and manners. Now he is easier to manage, a breeze to take on walks and everyday is more behaved! Having him trained is less stressful then the first few months we had him. We chose Train Rex because we wanted private one on one training where it was all about King. We didn’t seek out e collar training but SO glad we ended up with it. We have so much more control, peace of mind and get to show off our trained, cute puppy!    Thank you Joel + Diana! ~ Chloe & Jake

Although buddies to begin with, a couple of months after adopting Larry, the two dogs began fighting. We were working with two different trainers but not having any success in stopping this behaviour. The dogs were kept apart in the house and couldn’t even walk by each other without lunging and exhibiting vicious behavior. We knew we needed constant hands on training by an expert and found Joel and Diana (Train Rex) online. After reading about their customized training and reading all the testimonials, we knew that we were on to something. We have our dogs home from their training with Diana and Joel and what a difference. The dogs are calm, receptive, listening and are free in the house together. We have the tools and training to make any corrections and we are relaxed instead of always on edge around them. We now know the right way to train them and what a difference it is making in their lives and ours. The dogs are tired now after we spend time training them and we had never seen Odie tired or calm in the year that we have had him. His energy level has come down dramatically and the difference now is that he listens and actually comes when called. Larry was very insecure before and has come home from Diana and Joel’s more confident and is not glued by my side anymore. He had bad separation anxiety before but now he knows he is ok if I’m not there. Jealousy and quick movement were a big reason for their fighting. I am now confident that I can handle both dogs alone, and the feelings of anxiousness are gone. Our other two small dogs have been benefiting as well, as they are learning alongside Larry and Odie at home and we see a big improvement in their listening skills. They are all more focussed and a joy to be around. We can take all of the dogs out in public and not have to worry about them misbehaving. We have the knowledge and the tools to control them. 
Diana and Joel treat the dogs like their own, and there is no shortage of love and cuddles for the new pack members. That really was the deciding vote for us to have our dogs train with them. In fact, when we went to pick them up, the two dogs went and sat with Diana on the couch and left us sitting alone! They were so quick to respond to our texts and concerns, encouraged us, and we always felt like they were there for us. They helped us feel at ease immediately with their hospitality. It is like going to the home of a friend, and we now think of them as friends. We were so lucky to find the help we all needed with Diana and Joel and can’t thank them enough for giving us our pups and our lives back. We are truly grateful and look forward to years of enjoyment with a well-trained pack of our own. ~ Sandee & Keith

We had two very different reasons to send each of our dogs to TrainRex.
Remi didn’t want to listen to our commands, she would choose to listen.  She would jump on people and was very difficult to walk as she pulled the entire time.  Since we wanted to have two dogs we knew we had to have a dog that we could walk and that would listen.  She was doing neither of these and we had no way to get her to.  She was the first dog I had every owned.
I will never forget the day we arrived at Joel and Diana’s, Joel came out and took Kaiser (5months old) and he got to play around with the other dogs and we got to find out what Remi had learned while she was away.  She was a completely different dog as far as training was but the same old Remi in personality (She gives a good side eye if she thinks your being ridiculous).  We practised our new commands in the backyard for a few hours and learned the skills that we carry today.  I receive many compliments on our walks about how both my dogs walk so well.  We are able to take Remi pretty much anywhere and she listens, plus she can do some pretty amazing tricks!
Kaiser has always been reactive to new people, even as a 8 week puppy, it takes him a very long time to become comfortable with new people and as he was getting older we noticed he wasn’t improving and seemed to be getting worse.  If strangers made any kind of eye contact or approached him he started to lunge and bite.  Then he was lunging and going to bite, for no reason other then he didn’t want that person in our house.  We also noticed that he started to have anxiety if we separated Remi, the other dog in the house.  Remi had been trained 8 months prior to him so he knew the commands and loosely followed them, it was more of a game to him as he had grown up to hearing us and would imitate Remi, he was a fast learner and could place, sit, come and he has always walked without much pull, but we were really concerned with his behaviour towards people.  I took him to the program and he was re-active to Joel and Diana at first, it was very interesting to watch them work with him and his behaviour, but they won him over by the time I picked him up, he didn’t want to come home!  He was exploring outside for miles on his own, he was walking on the treadmill and he could balance on a stool.  I have noticed his confidence soar.  He gets this walk and lifts his head high when we challenge him, we were able to have all of our family over and he didn’t make any attempt to lunge or bite.  The dog walker came to the house, and her mother was with her and he didn’t react to the mother, whom he had never met.   They wow and amazed me with Remi but they blew me away with Kaiser!  Even though he had the basics, they have made is possible for me to be able to keep him and to continue his growth in a more positive way.
Personally, I have had to stop panicking and really calm down along with change how I speak.  I never felt uncomfortable or took offense by their advise and their knowledge in dog behaviour is very rewarding. ~ Ninette & Kent

"Thank you so much guys for absolutely exceeding our expectations ! Unforgettable experience from day one. We brought our 5 month old Great Dane for private lessons hoping to fix some of his obedience issues. Before we had started our training coco was very defined, stubborn and impossible to walk on a leash. 
Not only did Joel and Dianna showed us how to train our dog. They opened up an entire unknown world of communication with our dog using only positive approach and love. They brought the best out of his personality. Coco's behaviour and attitude improved fundamentally. Frustration is gone now. His pulling, jumping and other issues - it's all in the past. We have a new member of the family that is happy, respectful and as goofy as he was before. I received so many compliments from people watching our gentle giant laying beside the bench while our 6 year old daughter was playing with bunch of other kids on the playground. We can't thank you guys enough for enabling us to bring our Coco to places that we would never dare to bring him before without a fear of him misbehaving. Now it's on us to keep up the good training and be patient ! 
We absolutely recommend Train Rex!" ~ Iryna



“Lola was an unresponsive dog when it came to any basic commands and even her own name. Train rex helped us get over that first step with Lola and had us complete many milestones we could never imagine being able to accomplish and now Lola is amazing. She's so happy to go on walks now compared to when she wouldn't leave the house because she was so shy. We chose train rex because we heard other great reviews and recommendations. We highly recommend train rex for your dog's too!
Tristen & Mikayla”


“Before training, Gracie didn’t know how to control her excitement. She couldn’t follow basic commands once she was excited, and it was hard to get her attention as she was always hyper and full of energy. A lot of people were scared of her excitability as she would bark and jump to get attention. 
Gracie is such a smart, sweet girl who loves people, and with Trainrex we were able to learn how to get her to pay attention and follow commands. She is working on responding around new distractions every day, and she knows the commands to listen for and we now know how to teach her the appropriate response. Trainrex made each lesson unique to what we needed to work on, and started each lesson helping us through any concerns we had. 
We had so much fun getting to know Diana and Joel and their dogs, and Gracie loved getting to go to their house because every lesson involved tones of treats and rewards. I would recommend Trainrex to anyone who has any concerns with their dog, everyone could learn something from them and benefit from their training!” ~ Rebecca & Colton


"We highly recommend Train Rex.  Joel and Diana demonstrate that they have a system and if you follow it, you will have a successful result.  Our dog Riley has learned some important manners.  We especially love the command “Place”.  We use it when we are filling his food dish and he doesn’t budge until we tell him the command “Break”.  It works great when we have company and are seated at the table.  He keeps his “Place”.  Joel and Diana are great fun to work with.  They go the extra mile and their love of dogs is clearly evident.  Thanks for a great experience!  
Rod and Rita Burkard”


"I have been a dog person or animal person all my life.  However having a big dog in town compared to free range on the farm was a total different story.  We needed help!  How we were told about you good people was from my hair stylist so word of mouth.  Dog training become people training the mistakes we were making with Rambo was very easy to see with a trained eye.  The immediate and quick results showed it.  The dog loved the help was eager to please loved the attention and liver treats.  I love my dog very much the time and effort was very much worth doing the training   I am very happy with completing the training and the results   I would recommend this very warm and caring couple to anyone that needs a hand with dog training oh yes people training too   thank you" ~ Dave and Brenda and yes Rambo


“My thanks to you and Joel for working with Jake and me. Jake is doing so much better with people coming to the house. We had some people over this past weekend, and I placed Jake and Mack on the deck away from the company while they came into the house. This would never have happened before the training! 

Jake will even come down the basement stairs with me! He is 3 years and the first time he went downstairs was after your training.

I really appreciate the effort both of you put into the sessions. 
Thanks so much!


”Before I took Queso to Train Rex his separation anxiety was so bad he repeatedly tried to hurt himself to escape his kennel within minutes of me leaving. If left out of his kennel he would chew through drywall and door frames.
He was never left alone more than an hour. The final straw was when playing with a friends dog he accidentally closed himself in an upstairs bedroom and in a 12 minute span he chewed through a screen and jumped out the second story window to try to find me.

I did my best with another trainer and learned some separation anxiety exercises, I tried my best to tire Queso out with running and long walks, eventually to the point of 1.5 hours twice a day. It had little effect on tiring him out and he would still freak out in his kennel.  Adding to his separation anxiety was a strong prey drive to any cat or rabbit.

Upon picking Queso up the first thing I noticed was Joel and Diana’s cat casually walking by Queso who paid no attention to it.

In addition to solidifying his basic commands, when I got home Queso could sit in his kennel with the door open and restrain himself from coming out (something that was impossible without force before).

With all the combined training tools I had now and previously, plus his newly built confidence from board and train Within a week I was up to 2 hours in the kennel alone while videoing him and having no signs of anxiety at all.

I learned that exercise is not all about physically tiring your dog. 30 minutes of Train Rex training has more effect than 3 hour walks from before.

I can’t recommend Train Rex enough for what they have done for me and Queso!

Anyone who sees him now immediately notices a difference.
Thanks Joel and Diana!” ~ Robyn


"Cleo was a good girl with some bad habits.  We looked online for training and found Train-Rex, Joel was quick to get back to us and we got Cleo in for training the following week.  


Its amazing what Joel and Diana could accomplish in just 2 weeks, Cleo was a whole new dog.  She listens to commands well and we are able to have some control.  I would recommend Joel and Diana in a heart beat, they were great with Cleo and very good to work with.  Not only do they worry about training your dog they make sure you go home knowing what to do.  After 2 weeks Joel and Diana came to our home to  make sure we weren’t having any issues with Cleo and work on any problems we were having.  All I can say is it is great to have a well trained dog.  Thank you again Joel and Diana."
~ Leanne and Ann


"We bought a 3 month old male, Siberian Husky, Loki back in February 2019.  He is a beautiful puppy, but has high energy and was very rambunctious as well as extremely hard to handle.  In previous years we had owned two Siberian Huskies who were not as energetic as our Loki.  Shortly after purchasing Loki, we took 11 sessions of training with another company, but we found that Loki was resisting this method of training.  I'm sad to admit that we had gotten to the point that we were even considering finding another loving home for him. Rather than continuing with our efforts which were becoming frustrating for all three of us (my husband, Loki and myself) and upon our neighbor's recommendation whose dog was trained by Train Rex we decided to try this manner of training.  


First we met Joel for a demonstration with his well behaved German Shepard.  We then contacted our neighbor who allowed us to watch her (Train Rex) trained dog and we were impressed on both accounts.  Loki spent two weeks with Joel and Dianna when he was 9 months old and we are so happy with their results.  They are extremely knowledgeable with their training.  I have been telling people that they are "dog whispers".  They train your dog with so much love and patience.   Although Loki is a high energy dog, he is learning to control his exuberance.  Not only has he improved, but we as owners have too.  We find him much more relaxed and controlled and an all round better member of our family.  Our family enjoy him so much more thanks to Joel and Dianna.  During his stay with them, they sent us numerous pictures and videos, which put our minds at ease during his absence. I was nervous knowing he was a handful.  We do a lot of entertaining and he now can be included with our company.  Before he would want to chase cats, but now he just looks at them, as he does with the deer on our property. Thank you Joel and Dianna for giving us the guidance to have a well behaved dog the majority of the time.  We highly recommend Train Rex they are fantastic people who are truly exceptional caring people, pet owners and dog trainers you would not be sorry with hiring them. We are very thankful to them both."


~Sherry and John Hart  


“We chose Train Rex partly from reference, but also because of training location. We first enrolled our puppy in the “preschool” class and shortly after that, we enrolled in the more advanced training class.

Our puppy was a bit shy when we first enrolled and was also a bit socially deprived because we live in a more rural setting with little opportunity for him to develop his canine social skills. He was also a challenge to handle when out for a walk.

Train Rex helped him develop those social skills and also helped us to have a more comfortable and understanding relationship with him. The help and support from Train Rex was very informative and useful for not only our puppy, but also us as his human companions. He is much more cooperative and willing to positively respond to our directions.

We would not have any reservations in recommending Train Rex to anyone looking for an accomplished, supportive and competent local dog training facility. “ ~ Norm & Shelley

Tina, Derek & Sandy.jpg
Louis Bilyk.jpg

“We are so thrilled with the training our puppy, Louie, received with Train Rex. Our 8 month old boxer, Louie, is a playful puppy. But his energy was making walks, having guests over, and managing with 3 kids and a 4th on the way increasingly difficult.

Our training with Train Rex was an investment in our family. I can walk Louie while wearing a baby carrier or using a stroller. The kids are able to play with him more easily without worrying about overexcited biting and jumping, and we can trust that he will come back to us when he’s off leash. And all this was accomplished in Joel and Diana’s gorgeous rural property. Louie had a great time in their lovely home.

Train Rex was a recommendation from a friend, and I would gladly recommend them to anyone looking for dog training. Joel and Diana’s passion and commitment was evident from start to finish. Thank-you for everything!!" ~

Falynn Bilyk and Family

Jessie & Harmeet.jpg

“My husband and I own two misfit miniature dachshunds, Cowboy (5 years) and Douglas (9 months). Prior to meeting Joel and Diana, we were at the end of our rope – the pups were running our house and our new puppy didn’t even know basic commands like “sit”. Our boys were fear aggressive and lacked self-confidence, making it almost impossible to have guest over to our house without locking them up. They would absolutely freak out when someone would come to the door, and would feed off of each other’s fear aggressive energy. In the backyard, we could not get them to recall and we would often have to chase them around the backyard in the middle of the night when we let them out to pee. Simple requests like “sit” and “down” were met with blank stares and blatant disregard.

After some consideration my husband and I decided that the best option for our family was Train Rex’s board and train program – a decision that changed our lives. After two weeks with Joel and Diana our boys came back to us ready to listen and learn. The biggest change I have noticed is that we speak the same language as our dogs. Now, when we ask them to come, sit, stay or lets go, they take their cues from us, now knowing what we expect. My commands are no longer met with bank stares and obstinance – the boys know what we want and it makes them happy when they make us happy! Additionally, Joel and Diana have helped us to build their confidence and we can now have family over without being completely stressed out about how the boys are going to react. Our family has noticed a huge difference and refer the boys as “reformed”.

I can’t stress enough how fantastic Joel and Diana are at what they do. They are true animal lovers and treated our boys like their own pups. They have been so helpful and are always willing to lend a hand when we run into issues. They are wonderful people who are worthy of any dog lovers trust and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”


“When we first got kovu, our GSD we had previously had our other dog Lola for private lessons with Joel and Diana, which we absolutely loved. We enrolled Kovu in their puppy preschool which was the best time EVER, Kovu’s littermate was actually in the class as well & we thought it was pretty cool to watch them grow so fast together! Because of puppy Preschool and the private lessons his confidence soared and it helped with calming him down/recall/commands/walking nicely and how to properly socialize him.

We then moved ourselves and our two dogs to kelowna last September and it was going well. Like alot of us we get busy start putting training & exercise on the back burner. We just settled down into an apartment this week and decided to make it our goal to train outdoors at least two hours a day with them. Kovu basically having zero structure upkeep has been stressful to say the least. We got really frustrated with him today so we reached out to Diana and Joel for help, they immediately got us to call them and make a game plan to get us and him back on track. They reminded us that he isn’t necessarily being bad but has had a lack of proper structure and training for months now. We felt so much better and motivated after talking to them (as always).

At the end of the day we 20/10 recommend TrainRex! not only do they have a way with dogs they make it fun, easy to understand & light hearted in the process. we are so thankful to have found them with our first dog and will forever be grateful for the ‘above and beyond’ service.
we look forward to visiting with you guys, Texas, Nikita, & Diesel when we make our way back there this summer!”


“A huge Thank You to Joel and Diana!

We have a one year old yellow lab named Sandy. She was full of excitement and just plain stubborn when it came to taking her outside the house. We tried everything to get her trained, from watching multiple youtube videos to buying different types of collars, but nothing seemed to work. Frustrated and in desperate need of help, we phoned Train Rex. Joel had told my husband that she would be no problem to train. Laughing, I said to him, obviously he doesn’t know Sandy.

At our first meet and greet, I was amazed on how well Sandy did. Sign me up! And we never looked back. Joel and Diana had all the right tools and techniques that worked!

Although Sandy has come a long way, there is just one more hurdle that we are still working on, which is seeing other dogs. But I am confident that with the proper tools that Train Rex has given us and with time that Sandy will succeed! We see progress in her everyday. Eventually we will get there.

We would highly recommend Train Rex paws down!! Keep working your magic!” ~ Tina & Derek


“Our Goldendoodle has always been an easy going, playful and fun loving girl! Our main issues with her were that she was a little too friendly, always taking off when she saw other dogs and she would always jump up on people when saying hi. Our family also needed to be taught proper commands so we weren't confusing her using our own words. After one session with Train Rex we noticed a difference in Kona. She listened better to our commands, didn't take off like she normally would have and settled down when greeting people. We took our 9 & 11 year old sons to the remaining 3 training sessions. Joel and Diana were so amazing with including them and made it fun. We really noticed Kona's listening skills improved after we all started using the same commands. We chose Train Rex because we heard so many positive success stories about their training. Thanks so much Joel & Diana! You two are amazing at what you do, professional and so much fun! TRAIN REX ROCKS!”

Kim & Ranger.jpg

“My boy, Ranger, is a Rottwieler/Staffie cross and is a really sweet boy…until it came to strangers and especially other dogs. He is very insecure and seems to think if he makes a big move first that it will be in his best interest. Unfortunately, this is totally not true! He is 5 and a ½ years old and I have been trying to get him past this for years. I got him at about 8 weeks old. He has been to other trainers in the past and they have ended up telling me that I will just have to deal with him as is. I didn’t believe that at all and then I stumbled across Train Rex when I googled dog trainers near me. I checked out their page and then called them and they invited me up for a free demonstration of their training technique. In just that one demonstration I saw improvement in Ranger. I knew I had found the right trainers! And now, 4 lessons later, Ranger is so much more secure with himself, and me! He loves the new commands and is thriving from the work. He still has some issues with other dogs but it has definitely improved. And I know that that will take some time and work to get him completely comfortable around other dogs. Not only have Joel and Diana worked with helping Ranger but they have also been great at helping me to build my confidence and to show me proper techniques. It is absolutely true that a dog reads your state of mind through the leash!! I was shocked to see just how much of a difference it makes when I am calm compared to when I am anxious or nervous. Joel and Diana are both so great with Ranger! Their teaching style is very calm and positive. They explain everything and let me know what to do different to help with the training. They do not use a rigid training schedule. They know that every dog is different and they are so accommodating and have such great suggestions for things to help us when we are at home away from the training environment. I have always said that things happen for a reason and also when they are supposed to. Train Rex just solidifies that belief for me. I found them at the perfect time and they have done so much to make me a better dog owner and Ranger a more calm, stable and happy dog! He still has some work but I have no doubt that we will both make it. All thanks to Joel and Diana! You guys ROCK!! I am so happy to have found Train Rex! We are looking forward to actually going on walks around other dogs! Thank you from both Me and Ranger! ~ Kim Baxter Morinville, Alberta”

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